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May 1, 2013
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My Steps to Colour by kiku-atama My Steps to Colour by kiku-atama
As I said before, I'm going to submit the steps for my lattest submission :D
I used Paint Tool SAI, and bamboo wacom pen & touch [small] for this picture :la:

Well, I think I'm going to explain it again.

Before I start, I should give you a tip :D
Decide what you want to draw and how will you do it first before you draw something :la:

:bulletblue: 1. Sketching
I'd love to do sketching before drawing. Some of my friend irl said, "why do you have to do sketch before drawing ? Isn't it simpler and faster to draw without it ?" or "Sketching is a pain, i'm too lazy to do that~". Obviously, sketching can help you with body proportion and balance with the surrounding. And for me, sketching can give me some preferences, so I won't forget some idea that I want to add. And don't forget about proportion, this is the most important thing. You can have some pose preferences here, though it's scary to see those muscles and nerves there ( '-')//. I prefer tp use stickman sketches though :B :D. Ah yes~ I don't care if it's weird or messy, in sketching I shall put everything in my mind into the canvas :D. You can correct it later if you have another good idea to put in~! ^^

:bulletblue: 2. Sketch Preferences
As I wrote before, sketching give me some preferences like which one should be darker and which one should be brighter.
But you can skip this temporary shadding sketches if you like. And uh, sorry I got carried away in shadding here. I use this 2nd method to write down my ideas, you can see in the picture. There's something called 'shoujo dots', I'm not sure what it's really called though. What is the fungtion of these 'shoujo dots' ? I dunno either :B. But when I put some of them, the picture will looks more 'airy' and it's was like as if I can feel the mood in it's surrounding :XD:. That's why I put these 'shoujo dots' in my drawings :D.

:bulletblue: 3. Lineart-ing
This is the most tiring steps for me. I have to We have to pay attention to the thickness of each lines. I think I got the lines too thick, but I hope it's just what I thought. Never get the lines too thick and too close with each lines in the fur (That's what I though). Each artist have their own styles in this, you can choose which one you want :D. DO NOT EVER press the pen too hard on the pad. It will made the line you scratched thicked. Don't be hestitate in scratching the lines, because undo button always there to help you. :D

:bulletblue: 4. Colouring
Kaboom~ The whole picture is now in colour :B Sorry, I though the tutorial will be too long if I put the colouring progress. You can ask me about the method anytime ^^. I don't know what's the name of the animal inside the picture :B Is it wolf/ fox/ ?? It's a youkai though. I followed the original artist arts.
Settings I used :
o For Clothes ; Brush (mode : multiply) sz 50 - 100, density 20%-45%, flat/solid edge shape, stabilizer not enabled.
o For Madara (Youkai/ wolf/ fox/ kitty(?)) ; Brush (mode : multiply), sz 300 - 500 (My image resolution is big/ about 2000 x 2000 pixel), flat/solid edge shape, stabilizer enabled.
As you can see the picture is already fully coloured, but I still haven't set the mood and details inside it, and I haven't add some 'shoujo dots' either. I'll do it in the next step :D

:bulletblue: 5. Effects Adding
Now, before I explain. I merged all my layers first, this will made the effects adding in SAI simpler (I guess). Cause' of my fingers are already gotten used to Paint Tool SAI. I done the effects with it.
o 1= I detailed the fur using the same settings as above.
o 2= I put a full pitch black colour in the next layer with 'bucket'. This will add some nightly mood. Then, I decreased the opacity of the black layer to about 50%
o 3= I made another new layer (mode luminosity) for the lightning from the moon :D I wan't to put some mysterious mood :XD:. Then another new layer to add some fireflies (you can merge this with the lightning layer).
o 4= I made another new layer (shade mode) for the shadow to make sure or deepen the height of the surroundings, some place I added are under Madara's left ear, and his right ear, the distance between his paws, under / around Natsume's (the character's) body mainly in neck.
o 5= New layer(again) Add some 'miasma' effects for the mystical effects~ (I love this one :XD:) I used sapphire blue and violet colours. Uh, and some "breath" haze.
o 6= New layer (and again) to brighten the fireflies, lightning, the water reflections, Madara's eye, and Natsume's face (I want to keep it clear)
o 7= To make the mood feels even deeper, add the glow mode from the swamp. I add it with dots and glow on Madara's fur, Natsume's clothes & edge of face.
o 8= I put more detailing effects again. (Too many ?) :D

:bulletblue: 6. Color Adjusting in PS
I don't know how to explain this, but just make sure it turn out good :happybounce:

I'm sorry if there's some wrong spellings. And the wrong proportions ^^
I'm just a 15 y.o stupid person anyway~ :B
Uhhuuhuu~ Long description :XD:

The result of the steps :

Thank you for reading ! I hope it may helps you~
You can copy paste this description into your word/ notepad, just to make sure this desription can really useful for the lil' tutorial :D
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OMG. Your already so good at your age! XD When you grow up, you will be like the beeeeeest artist in the world! I am still younger than you, but I don't think I can improve this much when I am 15/16... O.O WELL FUCK.
kiku-atama 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~ hahah, that's why you reminds me of my lil' sister xD
Hope I will, though maybe it's a no. ^^;
Sure you can ? Why can't ?
If it's about time on practicing. Well, it's true =-=
I have the same problem, so I draw when my teacher is teaching. //BUSTED :iconplak5plz:
Ohh, K~ You're so retarded XP :iconmingflailplz:
LOL once my teacher caught be drawing my math test!! I made up an excuse and said i was using it as a diagram! XD SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT WON'T TRY THAT AGAIN :')
littlefluffyusagi Feb 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're. Only. 15?!!!!!!!! Well fuck o.o
kiku-atama Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Uh, yes :'D
but I'm 16 now xD
littlefluffyusagi Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You have so much talent! I wouldn't mind buying something like this! :iconhappyskipplz:
kiku-atama Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why, thank you c:
It's great, thanks :la::la:
kiku-atama Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure :D
thanks for the tip ^^ :iconloveloveplz:
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